The Old Fort Days Dandies

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The Old Fort Days Dandies have been carrying on the ceremonial tradition at the Old Fort Days Rodeo for 40 years.

Saddled up, hats tipped, buckles shining, and flags at the ready they are here to entertain!

The girls said they take more away from this than just the spotlight.

“Just being a total rock star to these kids,” said Brooklyn Patterson

“I love the little kids coming up to me, it makes me really happy,” said Tymber Stephens.

“I want to be like you when I’m older and then them wanting to talk to you and try to get into this program, it just makes my heart happy,” said Morgan Davis.

“A lot of these girls who are Dandies now, were those little girls who someday wanted to be a Dandie, they just followed through with that dream,” said Kari Cannedy

Head coach and former Dandie herself, Kari Cannedy, takes pride in watching her girls succeed in and out of the arena.

“I’m their biggest fan, by far… the things that I was taught as a Dandie are the things that I want to pass on to current and future Dandies as far as morals, good grades, responsibilities, and hard work,” said Kari Cannedy.

And since 1977 the Dandies have been bringing a thrilling and exciting performance to rodeos everywhere.

“When the girls come rolling into town and the crowd is just so excited to see them you realize how much all of your hard work has paid off,” said Cannedy.

Morgan’s younger sister Hannah has followed in her hoof prints making being a Dandie, a family tradition.

“It’s pretty great especially since I always have somebody to talk to and to be around and she is pretty much my best friend too,” said Davis.

And you can be a Dandie too!

“If you want to do it you go for it you don’t let anybody stop you do what you want to do and you be happy with who you are.. if you want to be a Dandie, be a Dandie,” said Stephens.

Years of experience or little, it just takes practice and hard work.

“Sometimes it can be pretty stressful, but we are just one big family,” said Patterson.

“It teaches you a lot of teamwork and compassion for the other girls, it’s a great way to get friendships started and it brings you closer with your horse,” said Stephens.

And if you have missed their performance, don’t worry.

“They will do an introduction every night through Saturday and they will come out with our square dance routine which is what the Dandies are really well known for with our live square dance caller and that’s about half way through each rodeo here at Old Fort Days,” said Cannedy, “ It will have you on the edge of your seat it’s great because we have a live caller the girls do all kinds of real cool maneuvers and the girls set off fireworks, it’s an awesome show,” said Cannedy.

For this week’s Adventure Arkansas doing it Dandie Style, I’m Megan Graddy!

To learn more about the Dandies and where they will be performing at next, click here!

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