London Terror Attack: Six Victims Killed And Three Attackers Also Killed

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LONDON (CNN) — A van mowed down pedestrians as it sped across London Bridge in the British capital Saturday (June 3) night, leaving bodies lying in the street. Nearby, a man with a “massive knife” entered a restaurant at Borough Market, just south of the bridge, stabbing two people inside.

It was the third terror attack to strike the UK this year, after a man drove a car into pedestrians on Westminster Bridge in March and the bomb attack on an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester two weeks ago.

June 4, 2017 1:04 a.m. BST
What’s known so far:

Police are treating two attack sin central London, one at London Bridge, the second at nearby Borough Market, on Saturday night as “terrorist incidents.” Google Maps

Van on London Bridge: About 5:30 p.m. ET a van sped across London Bridge knocking over several pedestrians, according to an eyewitness. The van was headed toward London Bridge station, on the south bank of the river.

Stabbing rampage at Borough Market: A man with a “massive knife” entered a restaurant at nearby Borough Market, just south of the bridge, stabbing two people inside, another eyewitness told CNN. Authorities have not said if the two incidents were related.

Vauxhall stabbing: A third incident also on the south side of London is not connected to the London Bridge or Borough Market incidents, according to Met Police.

British Prime Minister Theresa May: “terrible incident” in London being treated as “potential act of terrorism.”

June 4, 2017 3:53 a.m. BST

Met Police Assistant Commissioner Mark Rowley says six people died in the attack on London Bridge and Borough Market. Armed police shot three male suspects.

Rowley said that police got reports that a vehicle struck people on London Bridge at 5:08 p.m. ET (10:08 p.m. local time).

The vehicle continued to drive towards Borough Market where three assailants got out and attempted to stab members of the public, including a police officer.

Armed police were called to the scene and within eight minutes, the three assailants were shot dead.

Rowley said the assailants were wearing what looked like explosive vests which upon further investigation appeared to be fake.

June 4, 2017 3:55am BST
‘He stabbed her in the neck’
A stabbing rampage sparked panic in a crowded cafe in London’s Borough Market, CNN’s Catherine Shoichet reports.

Someone sprinted through the doors with a dire warning: “There is a man with a knife up there, and he’s coming this way.”

“Everyone ran to the back of the restaurant and crouched down, trying to hide themselves from view,” witness Elsbeth Smedley, who was among the crowd taking shelter at Elliot’s cafe, told CNN.

A man with a massive knife charged into the restaurant, Smedley said. And some people weren’t able to escape. One was a waitress who had been hiding behind a partition.

“He stabbed her in the neck,” Smedley said. “He stabbed another man in the back, and then he ran out of the restaurant.”

June 4, 2017 3:34 a.m. BST
Police:  If you are safe please let friends and family know. This will relieve pressure on Casualty Bureau.

June 4, 2017 2:57 a.m. BST
Paris mayor: ‘Thoughts with the victims,’
Les Parisiens sont aux côtés des Londoniens. Nos pensées vont aux victimes et à leurs proches.

June 4, 2017 2:44 a.m. BST
Terror strikes heart of London

June 4, 2017 2:41am BST
London Ambulance declares major incident.
The London Ambulance Service says it’s taken at least 20 patients to six hospitals across London.

June 4, 2017 2:31 a.m. BST
London hospital put on lock down.
Guy’s and St. Thomas’ hospital says “due the ongoing incident in central London” it is “on lockdown to keep patients, relatives and staff safe.”