Police Investigating After Truck Full Of Pigs Found Unattended In West Virginia

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A semi-truck full of pigs was left unattended in the hot sun on Friday (June 3) and the driver was nowhere to be found.

It was an unusual situation for first responders on Friday (June 3).

A semi-truck with more than 160 pigs was left behind to bake in the heat for hours on a side street off Maccorkle Avenue in Kanawha City.

“Neighbors said it’s been here for quite some time, they were concerned for the pigs’ welfare,” said Ryan Pennington, the public information officer for the Charleston Fire Department.

The driver was nowhere to be found. Charleston police believe the truck was there from 8:30 am until about 11:30 am. Police say the keys were found in the truck and it was taken to Charleston Auto Towing.

“I think we probably got them in here just in time. If they had to sit there are all day it wouldn’t have been good,” said Chris Reed, the owner of Charleston Auto Towing.

Reed spent hours hosing down the pigs, placing them in the shade and setting up fans to cool them down.

This was not Reed’s first time dealing with livestock.

“We’ve actually worked rollovers with livestock where the trucks actually wrecked and it’s a little more disturbing than this,” Reed said.

As police began filing a missing person’s report, the driver showed up at the towing site.

He was too distraught to go on camera, but said he didn’t have air conditioning in the truck, was dizzy and hot and doesn’t remember what happened after he got out of the truck.

All of the more than 160 pigs survived, except for one.

“It’s not right, I mean even though they’re going where they’re going they should have the most comfortable ride as possible. It’s bad they were stuck in the heat like that,” Reed said.