Bentonville Police Investigate 64 Car Break-Ins Over Four Days

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BENTONVILLE (KFSM)-- The Bentonville Police Department advises residents to keep their car doors locked after a string of break-ins.

Gene Page, the public information officer, said they have had reports of 64 vehicle break-ins over a four day period.

Something he said is very unusual.

Page said many people park their cars in the driveway and leave valuables there for the next day.

By doing this, he said you are making your car an easy target.

"People when they know you have a high number of cars in a small area it gives them a lot of stuff to work with," Page said. "So they're moving fast they're moving quick taking anything that they can take and actually carry. They'll take that and go on to the next car."

Some of the items that were reported stolen include loose change, car chargers and guns.

Page advises people to lock their car doors every night and take valuables like guns inside no matter where they may be in the car.

"The firearms that are being stolen are legally owned by that person and maybe they have a concealed weapons permit," Page said. "Sometimes they are leaving those weapons in their vehicles overnight and that's one thing that we want to let them know. The vehicle is not a storage place for the firearm. You need to keep it on your person or at least take it inside and put it in an approved lock."

Two juveniles have been arrested for some of the 64 break-ins.

Page says they are still investigating and asks anyone with any information to call the Bentonville Police Department.