Medical Marijuana Amendment Author Discusses Card Use

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) -- The date when Arkansas residents can purchase medical marijuana draws near and the author of amendment explained what people will be able to do.

When David Couch first wrote the bill, his goal was to give people the opportunity to get medicine they may need.

He said those from other states who already have a medical marijuana card will be able to temporarily purchase and possess medical marijuana.

Couch said the qualifying conditions from the other state must meet the qualifying conditions in Arkansas for this to happen.

He said the Arkansas Department of Health did propagate a rule that would prevent people from out of state from getting a medical marijuana card in Arkansas.

Couch disagreed with this rule and said the ADH is overstepping.

“I think it’s a horrible rule, I think it’s harsh, I think it’s almost unconscionable and when the rule process gets finalized, I probably will file suit against the state to try to get that taken down," Couch said.

He said that the state has excellent healthcare facilities and did not think it would be right for one patient to have access to a medicine they needed just because they were from Arkansas.

Couch explained that it may still be a while until people will be able to purchase medical marijuana.

He expected this to happen at the beginning of the next year.