Howe Police Officer Charged With Sexual Battery, Providing Alcohol To A Person Under 21

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SEQUOYAH COUNTY (KFSM) -- A Howe, Oklahoma police officer is facing charges after allegedly inappropriately touching an 18-year-old girl without her permission on Sunday (June 4).

Joey Don Oliver, who was a Howe police officer, was charged with felony sexual battery and providing alcohol to a minor, according to a Sallisaw Police Department report.

The victim told police that she was staying with a friend on Sunday night when Oliver came over to the Sallisaw apartment, according to a report. He asked her what type of alcohol she liked and then went to the store and bought some for her and her friend, who was dating Oliver. He also returned to the apartment with a bottle of rum.

The victim said Oliver poured them both several shots, the report states. She said after they all went to bed, Oliver returned to the living room where she was sleeping and started talking to her. She said he tried kissing her, but she pushed him away.

The victim told officers that Oliver kept pushing himself on her, and she eventually stopped pushing him away because she was scared that he could get her and her friend in trouble for underage drinking, the report states. He touched her inappropriately, and eventually the victim pushed him off and said she needed to use the restroom and locked herself in.

Oliver reportedly followed the victim to the restroom, and shortly afterward the girl's friend came out and saw Oliver standing naked in the hallway and they argued.

The victim's friend told officers that her boyfriend came over and brought them alcohol, and that he poured the victim several shots until she was drunk, the report states. She said they went to bed, and Oliver tried to convince her to get her friend to join them. The girlfriend said she told Oliver no, but he left the room and said he was going to get her.

The girlfriend said she fell asleep and when she woke up she saw Oliver standing naked in front of the bathroom trying to unlock the door. The report states that Oliver said he was trying to get in because the victim got sick. However, he later told her that they had a consensual sexual encounter.

During an interview with police on Tuesday (June 6), Oliver admitted to buying alcohol for the two, the report states. However, he said the sexual encounter was consensual.

Oliver turned himself into police after a warrant was issued for his arrest.

On Thursday (June 8.) Howe City Council held a special meeting to discuss Oliver's employment. After entering an executive session meeting city leaders returned with an agreement to terminate Oliver from his position as a police officer.

" At Monday nights meeting we hired a new police officer, Joey Oliver and the next morning it was brought to our attention that there were allegations against him and he was being interviewed," said Howe's Mayor Phyllis Fields.

Oliver, according to local law enforcement members has worked in several law enforcement capacities.

" Joey Oliver has been an officer in the Sequoyah County and Leflore County areas since about 2009," said Sallisaw Captain Jeff Murray.