Waldron Walmart To Close In July

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WALDRON (KFSM) — The Walmart in Waldron will be closing its doors permanently next month.

Walmart spokespeople announced the store’s closing in a press conference on Monday (June 12).

The store will officially close on July 14. However, different departments will be shut down earlier. The Walmart Tire and Lube is expected to close within the next two weeks, and the pharmacy is scheduled to close by the end of June.

“It is the only Walmart in our county and will especially affect the availability of shopping for our low-income and elderly residents who will find it difficult, if not impossible, traveling to the Super Centers in the surrounding areas,” said Waldron Mayor Neil Cherry in a release.

After the store closes, the closest Walmarts for Waldron residents are in Booneville, Mena and Greenwood.

“The devastating effect will ripple through multiple levels of our community,” Cherry said. “The financial loss of 95 jobs, the effect on the employees’ families, and the reduction of sales tax revenues will be felt immediately.”