Fort Smith City Leaders Looking To Add More Entertainment To Riverfront Park

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FORT SMITH (KFSM) -- Fort Smith's Parks Director Doug Reinert was tasked with researching revenue and growth at Harry E. Kelley Park. His findings were presented to the Fort Smith Board of Directors during a study session on Tuesday (June 13).

"They wanted me too figure out what we can do to increase the venues down at the riverfront. They are going through and looking at how many events we have each year," Reinert said.

The riverfront venue was built in 2000 and holds about 7 large events each year, according to information provided at the study session. Some city leaders suggested the use of the park may have outgrown the space and suggested some changes be made.

The AMP in Northwest Arkansas was mentioned as a goal to strive for.

"I understand that it started out as a small venue and then they got sponsorship's and now the AMP is an extremely large concert venue. So, we actually invited the V.P. of the AMP down to look and see what we had. He also told us that Fort Smith should focus on the festivals we do have and grow those but we also need to focus on getting extra venues down here," Reinert said.

Other ideas for the park proposed by city directors during their study session include - booking bands similar to those at the AMP, possibly moving the stage, providing more seating and working on the lack of parking.

The parks department was directed to provide more research that will be again presented to the board at a later date.