Avoca To Hold Special Election For Sunday Liquor Sales

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AVOCA (KFSM) -- One small city is hoping to bring more people to town on Sundays, that is if voters approve a measure to allow liquor sales on Sunday.

Two Sisters Liquor is Avoca’s only liquor store. Stacey Latham owns the store with her sister Stephanie Zortman.

After hearing several customers tell them they drive to Missouri on Sundays to buy liquor, they said they thought how great it would be to keep that revenue in Northwest Arkansas.

“We're really excited because it is a very small community. So, one getting more people in the area on Sunday is just going to be fantastic and any extra revenue is just going to go toward city improvements and the extra convenience is going to be fantastic,” Latham said.

They were able to get enough signatures to have a special election in July.

"We can get Rogers people through here and you won't have to drive you know half an hour and why should we be giving revenue to Missouri when Arkansas needs the money just as much,” she said.

Latham and her sister are the first people in Benton County to apply for a Sunday liquor license. The two sisters are also paying $5,000 for the special election themselves, but Latham thinks it will be worth it.

“We've had a great response. People are very excited and even some customers who weren't previously registered, they registered to vote so they could vote in this election and we find that very exciting,” she said.

Charles Porch said he thinks it would be a great thing if it passes.

“Absolutely, I would get to shorten my trip. I wouldn't have to go to Missouri or Springdale for that matter,” Porch said.

The special election is on July 11th. If it passes, Two Sisters Liquor along with a gas station and dollar general will be able to sell alcohol on Sundays.

Liquor sales didn't start in Benton County until January 2013 after voters approved the measure.

Right now, Eureka Springs and Springdale both sell liquor on Sunday’s.

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