Local Bakery Bakes With Benefits For The Community

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) --  "Rockin' Baker" in Fayetteville opened seven months ago with a special purpose in mind. Part of their mission is an academy that works to develop social skills for people with learning disabilities and those looking for a second chance.

After months of searching, Amie Glass was losing hope of finding a job for her 22-year-old daughter Leah who has autism.

"She has struggled with social issues and she's struggled being able to hold a job," said Glass.

But, that changed when Daymara Baker, owner of "Rockin' Baker," welcomed Leah into the baking academy.

Glass said she was worried how things would work out at first. "I was thinking, 'if you you've never worked with an autistic person you might not know what it's like,' but she said I'm all for it."

Leah is now one of the top cadets in the program and is known for her homemade chocolate chip cookies.

"I typically try to avoid situations where I am talking to a great number of people, but in this case I want more people to coming in," said Leah.

After watching Leah's success, her mom was inspired to hire interns for her own CPA business.

"I hope that people locally will be able to do the same kind of thing and we can train more people, said Glass, "and keep this going ... I'd think that would be a great thing for Northwest Arkansas," said Glass.

If you're interested in learning more information about the program click here.


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