Adventure Arkansas: Stand Up Paddle Boarding With SUP Outfitters

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Hey guys Megan Graddy here for this week’s Adventure Arkansas we are on Beaver Lake with SUP Outfitters and we went Stand Up Paddle Boarding!

Melody’s motto for SUP Outfitters…

“Well, safety first and smile second,” said Melody Elliott Owner and Guide for SUP Outfitters.

They offer a variety of different aquatic options with SUP Outfitters.

“We offer lessons which I highly recommend taking lessons,” said Elliott.

There is something for everyone with SUP.

“And we have rentals as well, we do happy hour on Wednesday, we do full moon paddle, we also have Friday night sunset paddle, we do SUP yoga, and SUP fitness,” said Elliott.

The scenery is amazing over on the lake as well.

“Beaver Lake offers some beautiful rock formations and waterfalls certain times of the year so it is a nice adventure for everyone,” said Elliott.

Melody believes in the healing of water and she has experienced its benefits first hand.

“So I experience bulged disc in my lower back and stand up paddle boarding  has been a very healing process for me, it really does help to tighten the girdle and to help with my lower back to keep is strong…neurologist have even recommended the sport to help with your equilibrium health,” said Elliott.

She offers specials throughout the week too.

“Happy Hour happens on Wednesday from 4pm- 6pm so you can bring a guest for free, it’s just buy one get one free,” said Elliott.

It also included a sunset paddle on Friday night.

“It is from 6pm- 8pm and you can rent a board and enjoy the sunset,” said Elliott.

Chloe and her friend drove from 4 hours away to check out the sport.

“We’re from Cabot, Arkansas and we wanted to go stand up paddle boarding so we googled paddle boarding near us and we found SUP Outfitters,” said Chloe Bohannon 1st time Paddle Boarder.

She said Melody’s coaching made it easy.

“Melody was a very good instructor and we were able to go at our own pace and when we were ready to stand on the board we went off on our adventure,” said Bohannon.

Chloe said her favorite part was…

“When we got to get off of our board and get go into the cave and get in the water,” said Bohannon.

“I would recommend that you come out and try SUP Outfitters because it was a fun experience and I would do it again,” said Bohannon.

“Come out with SUP Outfitters and see why SUP, Stand Up Paddle Boarding is the number one growing water sport,” said Elliott.

For this week’s Adventure Arkansas I’m Megan Graddy with 5NEWS and SUP Outfitters.

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