Boy Scout Unveils Additions To Fort Smith Dog Park

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FORT SMITH (KFSM)- After months of planning and fundraising, boy scout, Thomas Farrell is unveiling his additions to the Fort Smith Dog Park as part of a project to earn his Eagle Scout badge.

The small and large dog sections of the dog park have separate equipment additions including a play set and slide, among other things.

"There's a see-saw out there, there's a tire jump, a pole jump, and some wiffles," Farrell said.

Farrell has worked with the community to raise money for the sets and agility courses, even building the equipment with the help of his friends and family.

"I'm happy all the dogs will have fun out here," Farrell said. "They're just gonna be taught new skills with the agility course,"

Also new at the dog park, a community bulletin board.

"It's got a sliding door and it's made out of plexi-glass," Farrell said. "It's made for people to put events or what's going on to keep people informed," he said.

Friends and dog owners came to the park for the unveiling and said the additions will help their dogs in many ways.

"You can tell he gets excited by it," dog owner Melissa Knierim, said. "It's really going to help his overall health and well-being and happiness. I'm just so glad [Thomas] did this."

Knierim and her dog, Aspen, plan to come to the dog park even more now.

"I really, really love this park, everything about it," Knierim said. "Now, I think with all this equipment he's installed, this is going to be the best dog park in the world."

The play sets and agility courses are now installed and ready for use.

Farrell said anyone is welcome to post on the park's new community bulletin board. The names of all the donors and people who made the project possible are listed on the bulletin board along with pictures showing how dogs and their owners can use the new equipment.

As for the leftover money from the project, Farrell said he plans to donate it to the Fort Smith Parks and Recreation Department to begin working on other projects.

Farrell will submit paperwork about his project and be awarded his Eagle Scout badge at a ceremony at a later date.

Businesses like PetCo and Chick-Fil-A donated items for the pets and owners.

Goody bags were provided for all the guests at the ribbon cutting ceremony on Saturday (June 17).