Anonymous Donation Helps Rogers School With Flood Damage Bill

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ROGERS (KFSM)-- The Sunshine School and Development Center recently received an anonymous donation to help pay off a $7,000 bill.

In late April, part of the school was damaged due to flooding.

The water was not deep, but there was enough to cause a good amount of damage.

"We had some damage to the molding around the edges of our walls and damages to carpets and bookshelves," Events and Communications Coordinator Chelle Phillips said.

When employees discovered the flooding, volunteers rushed to help teachers like Jody Noetzel save what they could.

“My room was luckier than the one next to me," Noetzel said. "They had to take everything out. Mine was mostly in the corner where it came through the wall. Thank goodness I didn’t have any major damage. They were able to get everything up but it still created a mess.”

For a few days, some students had to have class outside of their classrooms, which Phillips said was an inconvenience for both students and the teachers.

Most of the damage was fixed in just a matter of days, but it left the school with a $7,000 bill.

Phillips said they decided to start a crowd funding campaign to help pay that expense.

They were able to get some of that money through this campaign and then Phillips said an anonymous donor gave the $4,800 they needed to meet their goal.

Phillips said if they had not received the money they needed, the school would have had to regroup and come up with a fund raising event.

She said they were very thankful for this donor and all other volunteers who helped them in a time of need.