Springdale Residents Voice Opinions For Open Space Plan

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SPRINGDALE (KFSM) -- As a part of Springdale's revitalization plan, city officials went to the public Tuesday night (June 20) to ask what they would like to see done to the open spaces in the area.

Those who attended filled out a comment sheet that asked how important to them it would be to have things like playground areas, public art or parking.

Paula Morris is a mother and resident of Springdale.

She went to the meeting with the hopes of getting the city's assistance on building a smashball area around the Ozark Montessori Academy.

Morris explained the students there, including her children, do not have much space to play and they recently got the equipment for this type of space.

The only thing they do not have is a spot to put it.

Morris hoped the city would hop on board so the students at the school and others in Springdale could enjoy the space.

Besides this play area, Morris just wants to see anything that would draw more people downtown.

“Right now I think the more amenities that we have, that’s definitely going to happen," Morris said. "Being a resident here the last probably 14 years I’ve really seen the downtown area be like this dark, dank place.”

Kelly Syer, the executive director for the Downtown Springdale Alliance, said open space could mean a few things in downtown.

“Some of it is green space and could involve parks, some of it is space not currently at its fullest use," Syer said.

The city will take all the suggestions given at the meeting to make an open space plan.

They want the residents' voice to be a guiding force in what is placed in the area.

Syer explained this will be a sub-plan within the downtown Springdale master plan that has been in the works for a few years.

She said there is no set timeline for when residents may see any of the suggestions made into a reality.