Moonshot Moment Bus Stops In Springdale On Nationwide Tour

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SPRINGDALE (KFSM) -- From Vero Beach, Florida to Denver, Colorado, the Moonshot Moment bus is visiting communities awarded by the campaign for grade-Level reading nationwide.

At each stop, kids get to pick out a book and set a reading goal. They write down where they're from and their dreams on a small cloth square to be woven into the tapestry of stories.  It's how manager Marie O'Brien said she connects with each community.

"You're able to ask people their stories we ask them about their past and their, present and future dreams so for us its been so much fun at the end of the day when we're weaving them together and we get to reread," she said.

One Community director Diane Gonzales-Worthen said she believes promoting reading as a family activity works best for retention. Through the Feed Your Brain bilingual summer reading program, kids in Springdale are able to fight summer regression and stay on track.

"Parents and kids come and they set reading goals, parents learn reading tips and the kids learn some reading tips, there's some incentives," Gonzales-Worthen said.

Bilingual literacy is what Springdale schools assistant superintendent Kathy Morledge said will set her students apart.

"Springdale is a diverse community and we celebrate that and out children who can speak two languages their lives in the future will be much enriched by that," she said.

The Moonshot Moment bus has two more stops left on their national tour before heading back home to Florida.

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