Adventure Arkansas: Golf Cart Polo, Fun With NWA Polo Club

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Hey guys, Megan Graddy here for this week’s Adventure Arkansas, we went to Centerton with the NWA Polo club and played Golf Cart Polo.

Susan Koehler, Co-founder of NWA Polo Club said this sport has been a hidden gem, but they are ready for people to know it’s available!

“Golf Cart Polo is a best kept secret it’s a really fun team building type activity and it’s something we will do during times of like intermission to entertain guests,” said Koehler.

Never played before? Neither had, I here is how it works.

“We pair the guest with a polo player and they are the driver so we play with generally polo rules and so the rider and player will help get the guest to the ball,” said Koehler.

Jordan Cook, Junior Member of NWA Polo said the drivers coached throughout the game.

“We had more advanced people driving us, helping us, telling us what to do, and helping us understand the plays,” said Cook.

The goal is obviously to hit the ball in between the post, but the fun along the way is the real experience.

“It’s all about grins and giggles it makes it very easy for them to hit the ball and learn the basics and it is a lot of fun,” said Koehler.

“It’s very fun sometimes we won’t be paying attention and we will run into one another and everyone will laugh,” said Cook.

Robson Macartney, Senior member of NWA Polo Club said his favorite part is that it’s a low pressure game.

“There was no stress you know and everyone was just having a good time and I think that turned people who have never played any sort of polo, onto this polo sport,” said Macartney.

Susan said it can be used as a team building exercise.

“We would love to have some corporate associates or employees that want to take a stab at it we a can coordinate a tournament for them,” said Koehler.

And this adventure is unique.

“You know it’s not something people do every day and you know, I mean that’s what an adventure is I mean you got to go out there and try something new; how many people can say they have played golf cart polo,” said Macartney.

“Golf cart polo is a great adventure to experience polo from the safety of a golf cart and in a really non-pressure and fun way; and it’s just one of the many things you can do in Arkansas and I think  that’s what’s so great about our state is there are so many great things to do outdoors here,” said Koehler.

For this week’s Adventure Arkansas, I’m Megan Graddy.

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