Police Offer Free Gun Locks

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MOUNTAINBURG (KFSM)- Local law enforcement agencies are working with Project Child Safe to make sure kids are safe in homes with guns.

This comes after a Yell County toddler died on Tuesday (Jun. 20) from accidentally shooting himself.

"The whole idea of this is keeping the gun safe around children," Mountainburg Police Chief Vincent Clamser, said. "Project ChildSafe, We partnered with them so we can give the gun locks out to the public who have children."

Clamser said officers will teach gun owners how to use the locks before they take them home.

"An entire training kit," Clamser said. "We give them a pamphlet, demonstrate how to use the gun lock and we're not gonna send them away not knowing how to use it. We're going to show them, have them demonstrate it to us and then, we're happy to send them home."

Just in the month of June, 23 kids have died from gun accidents in the U.S. according to the Gun Violence Archive.

"It's an awful thing when a child gets a hold of a firearm and accidentally shoots themself," Clamser said. "You've also heard maybe they shoot a younger sibling playing with a gun."

Another safety tip from Clamser includes keeping your gun unloaded or in a safe. He said one of the best precautions, though, is getting a gun lock.

"You'll wanna keep your firearms out of the reach of children," Clamser said. "This is another way you can keep it safe because there's no way a child can get into it and load it as long as you hide the key."

To get a gun lock of your own, you can go to the Mountainburg Police Department, fill out a form, and the officers will demonstrate how to use the lock for you.

Other agencies in our area offering free gun locks include:

Sheriff's Offices:

Benton County

LeFlore County

Scott County

Washington County

Police Departments:

Bella Vista



Fort Smith


Prairie Grove

Siloam Springs

For more information about Project Childsafe, visit the program's website. 

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