Three Years Later, 5NEWS Reporter Runs In Memory Of Father

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FORT SMITH (KFSM) -- You may know her from our newscasts. Krystle Sherrell is a reporter for 5NEWS. Over the past several months, Sherrell has worked hard to transform her life. And today, her hard work paid off.

She ran in the sixth annual True Grit Ride 100, three years to the day her father, Mario, passed away.

But, three months ago is when the story got its legs.

"I've been eating healthier and I've lost about 35 pounds," said Sherrell, "I thought I could use what I learned physically and mentally to run the 5K,"

"My dad passed away from pancreatic cancer, so it was important to me to never have to see someone go through that again."

Sherrell doesn't want to go through it herself, either.  So, on Saturday (June 24th), she ran and pushed and, as was the plan, made her father proud.

She did it all sporting a shirt inscribed on the front with the words, "She Is Strong."

"I think it describes the last three years that have taken a lot of strength to get through."

'She' was glad to have the support of 5NEWS anchor Daren Bobb as 'she' crossed the race finish line -- her first time ever.

"When I went through the finish line, I immediately started crying because I thought, 'I did it and he's watching me,' and I knew he'd be so proud."

Everyone involved brought their own reason to run or bike.  Sherrell's was stated on the back of her shirt.

It read, "This One's For You, Daddy."

The True Grit Ride is hosted by the Community Services Clearinghouse.