Fayetteville Veteran Gets Wish Granted With Ride in Big Rig

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LOWELL (KFSM) -- A veteran at the Arkansas State Veterans Home in Fayetteville got the ride of a lifetime as his wish was granted to ride in a semi-trailer truck.

James Richard Allen, an Army veteran of both Vietnam and Korea, was asked what he would include on a 'bucket list' if he had to compile a list.

Jay Green, administrator at the Arkansas State Veterans Home, said Allen wanted to ride in a big rig.

During his time in the Army and then later as a firefighter, Allen said he was no stranger to all types of big trucks, but throughout his lifetime, he had never driven or ridden in a semi.

On Monday (June 26), CaseStack, a logistics company in Fayetteville teamed up with JB Hunt to give Allen the ride he had always wanted.

The 69-year-old veteran was visibly excited when he arrived at the JB Hunt Headquarters in Lowell.

Allen got emotional when expressing gratitude for the effort in having his wish granted.

"I'm going to be taking a short ride in one of the big rigs," said Allen, with a quiver in his voice.

After he had help getting into the truck, Allen was off on a short trip to Bentonville.

When he returned safely to the ground, Allen called the experience "fantastic" and when asked if it were everything he had hoped for, Allen chimed, "it was everything!"

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