Three Buildings Set To Be Demolished In Alma If No Investor Found

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ALMA (KFSM) -- Three historic downtown buildings are scheduled to be demolished in Alma as part of the city's streetscape project.

Part of this plan is the demolition of these three buildings that sit on Fayetteville Avenue in between Railroad and Plum Streets. However, this plan will only follow through if an investor cannot be found to restore them by the end of  July.

The three buildings were built in the early 1900's and one of the buildings used to be a clothing store.

The Alma Mayor Keith Greene said the buildings are scheduled to be demolished in August after an engineer looked at the buildings and said it would take close to a $1 million to bring them up to code, which the City of Alma cannot afford. However, to remove the buildings it would cost around $15,000.

Some residents are upset because the buildings are historic, but city leaders have some ideas for how the space could be used if they're torn down.

"If those three buildings are removed then we have additional off-street parking or we might designate an area for a food court," said Greene. "We would have more room to increase our options."

The city has until the end of July to wait for a possible investor. The mayor said they haven't had any buyers interested quite yet. If you're interested in purchasing the three buildings, contact Alma City Hall.

According to Greene," I just hope someone with a lot of money comes by and takes a look at the buildings. Maybe realize that they would be a benefit to Alma to have them restored."