Johnson County Peaches Flourish While Southeast Crop Suffers

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JOHNSON COUNTY (KFSM) -- Georgia is known for its peaches -- but farmers there are suffering from a multi-million dollar disaster. Meanwhile, farmers in Johnson County, Arkansas are having a summer to remember.

Unexpected weather destroyed most of the peach crops in the southeast.

"It's our understanding that they had a late freeze," explained peach farmer Mark Morgan.

There was no late freeze on Morgan's peach farm, "Peach Pickin' Paradise".

By no coincidence, business there is booming.

"We've got full trees that already got a lot of product on them, so we're really excited for this year," said Morgan.

In fact, there's so much product, Morgan said it's the farm's best in several years.

"It just happens that this year, once we bloomed, we stayed above favorable temperatures," he explained.

Which means more peaches, more picking and more baskets.

"In years like this, we can send a customer out with four baskets (and) they'll come back with that four in no time."

The baskets won't be as full in Georgia. One farm there saw an estimated 75 percent decrease in its peach crop from last year.

But in Lamar, Morgan is looking forward to a good July.

And plenty of bites into those perfect peaches.