Kids Graduate From Junior Police Academy In Benton County

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BENTONVILLE (KFSM) -- A few new graduates made it through the police academy in Benton County, but these guys and gals won't be hitting the streets any time soon.

To say it was an eventful week is an understatement for kids enrolled in the Benton County Junior Police Academy and radKids program.

"It teaches them and gives them tools to battle the situations they may not have known how to battle before," said Sgt. Shannon Jenkins, a Benton County Deputy.

Situations like bullying or child abduction prevention.

Friday (June 30) was graduation day, which involved the most important, and probably most fun lesson when the kids took on the red tactical suit.

"It was exciting," said 13-year-old Devon Wallerstedt. "I knew I was going to get grabbed, but I wasn't expecting to get thrown, not thrown, but picked up in the air."

Fifty kids graduated from the week-long program where they spent several days of learning the ins and outs of the Benton County Sheriff's Office.

They also took home some valuable lessons. "I'm going to try to first aim at his face and then, if I can't get a good shot, I'm going to go for the groin," said 10-year-old Bailey Price.

As the week wrapped up, Benton County Sheriff Shawn Holloway said the week got officers involved with children, "To show them what we do as police officers and to create those bonds at an early age that the police are here and they're your friends and we're here to help people."