Upset Residents Voice Opinion On Discounted Golf Program At City Meeting

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POTEAU (KFSM) -- Some Poteau residents aren't happy with an agreement approved by the city council. Monday night, one presenter voiced her concerns at the city council meeting.

"I said several things, but most importantly, I presented them with information regarding the First Tee Program that Wold Ridge operates up on their country club," said Jennifer Griffin. "The program offers heavily discounted golf to youth in the area."

Griffin says that program was already in place before this new agreement -- and that it makes the new agreement needless.

"I believe so, yes," she said.

The agreement will cost the city around $3,000 a month. It would provide discounted golf for kids in the area. The goal is to provide the city's kids with something to do. But, some residents feel that money should be going to something better.

Poteau mayor Jeff Shockley said he feels people should give this agreement a chance before putting it down.

"There's always something you can say is more important. But at the same time, with the pool being closed, we're just reaching out for an activity that gave something for the kids to do," he said.

Speaking of that pool -- some opposed to the agreement feel more focus should instead be put into getting it back open.

"I asked my nephews would you rather be swimming or would you rather play golf? And my nephew said, 'duh, it's too hot to play golf. Of course I'd rather swim," said one woman.

Others attending the meeting voiced the same thought; but Griffin took the stand alone. By the end of her presentation, mayor Shockley addressed the room. It was agreed that Griffin and three members of the council would sit down for a meeting sometime next week to work out the issue.

Shockley said that meeting would be open to the public.