Local Fire Chief Explains How To Properly Dispose of Fireworks

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ROGERS (KFSM) -- Fireworks make the Fourth of July fun, but they can also be dangerous before, during and after detonation.

Rogers Fire Chief Tom Jenkins said that used explosives could still pose a threat. If you aren't careful throwing them away, you could end up setting your home or trash can on fire.

"Sometimes the compounds that make up the consumer explosives the fireworks that they may not always deplete themselves," he said.

Next, he suggests that you wrap the wet explosives in a trash bag and tie it tight to keep oxygen out.

"There's the potential that they could become irritated and they could ignite, so that's the last thing we want is to turn a Fourth of July Independence Day celebration into a day of tragedy by somebody carelessly disposing fireworks," Jenkins said.

Lastly, he said you should be extra careful with fireworks that were duds and always wear gloves.