Downtown Fayetteville Scheduled To Receive New Public Art

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) -- New pieces of public art including murals and other 2D installations will soon be coming to Downtown Fayetteville.

The city's advertising and promotions commission recently approved a contract with the group Just Kids, the same group who helped with Fort Smith's mural project.

Hazel Hernandez, the director of marketing and communications for Experience Fayetteville said the commission earmarked $100,000 for a public art program back in 2015.

She said the current plans will cost around $73,000 to complete.

“We’ve seen what public art can do in Philadelphia, what it can do in Portland," Hernandez said. "We’ve talked to our colleagues in Fort Smith and saw the impact there that they have received from The Unexpected. Going back to Fayetteville has always been an art-centric community and it really aligns with our brand.”

She said they want to treat the new additions like an attraction to give people a chance to get active in the community and engage with others downtown.

Some who work in the area say they are excited about what this can do for downtown.

“Well from a business standpoint, it would attract more foot traffic in just walking around and shopping and seeing what’s going on," visual inventory manager for Riffraff Savannah Murphree said. "We love the idea that they are being more people around us and able to come in and see what we’re all about.”

Murphree said she approves of any project that has local business in mind.

While no designs have been set for the new installations, Murphree said she would just like to see anything with a lot of color.

Hernandez said they plan to start working on the art sometime around mid August.