Crews Working Water Rescue Near War Eagle Bridge

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BENTON COUNTY (KFSM) – Emergency crews are searching for a teenage girl at War Eagle Bridge after a drowning call on Friday (July 7), Sgt. Shannon Jenkins with the Benton County Sheriff's Office said.

Police said two teenagers were out swimming when one began to struggle and started to go under the water. A man and a woman standing nearby jumped in the water to help the struggling 13-year-old girl. The teenager and the woman began to sink, but the man made it out of the water safely.

Police said the woman who went in after the teenager is 31-year-old Kristi Wyli. She is in critical condition at a nearby hospital.

Rogers Fire Captain Clint Bowen said rescue teams are now shifting their focus from a water rescue to a water recovery.

"At the point in time that we decide that we can't make a water rescue, which is something we can obviously see, it goes from a rescue to a recovery so I think that's the point we're at," he said.

Search crews are planning to search the White River early Saturday morning (July 8) in hopes of finding the missing girl.

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