McDonald County Jail Escaped Inmates Recaptured

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Walker and Weeks

MCDONALD COUNTY (KFSM) — Two inmates escaped from the McDonald County Jail on Wednesday (July 12), according to the McDonald County Sheriff.

John Weeks and Christopher Walker escaped through the air conditioning duct by getting the shower heads off of the showers.

John Weeks was recaptured near Longview, Missouri, on Thursday (July 13), according to the McDonald’s County Sheriff’s Office. Christopher Walker was recaptured around 7:30 a.m. on Friday (July 14) in Stone County, Missouri, after officers received a tip.

According to Decatur Police, Weeks was known to have contacts in the Gravette and Decatur area.

McDonald County deputies said they believed Walker was receiving help from family members.

The inmates reportedly stole a silver 2006 Dodge Caravan, switching the Arkansas tags with Oklahoma ones. The McDonald County Sheriff said the stolen vehicle was found early Thursday (July 13) between Anderson and Goodman. The suspects were not around the vehicle, but it is believed to be how they were traveling after escaping from the jail. Police are not sure if they were picked up by an accomplice or are now on foot.

McDonald County is located in the southwestern corner of Missouri.


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