Springdale Homeowners Upset Over Don Tyson Parkway Expansion Plan

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SPRINGDALE (KFSM)-- After Springdale released their current plans for the Don Tyson Parkway Expansion project, some became concerned about what they city wanted to do.

The plans for the project show that the expansion would run through backyards and the horse trail of the Western Trails subdivision.

For many in that area, that trail is the primary reason they wanted to live there.

The subdivision is an equestrian friendly area where many have horses grazing next to their homes.

While the expansion may not go through her backyard, Mikelle Roeder said she is worried about the safety of her and others if this plan goes through.

“As an equestrian, all my life I have had to ride along roads occasionally and I’ve had motorists do really stupid things," Roeder said. "I’ve even had someone throw a firecracker under my horse.”

Others like James Childress said they are worried about what would happen if the city builds on a hill not far from his back porch.

“It’s the highest part in this area and I feel like in doing so it will, one, cause a visual pollution," Childress said. "It’s on top of the hill, for everybody to see and it’s, as far as we’re concerned, noise pollution.”

Springdale Mayor Doug Sprouse said these concerns and more are being taken into consideration with this project.

He explained this expansion has been in their master street plan for some time.

The project is only in the design phase and construction may not happen for a while.

“There’s no funding for it right now," Sprouse said. "We had funding available through a federal grant for the design. So, this is just the first step.”

He wanted people to know that the funding could come at any time.

They just do not have it right now.

Engineers on the project are working to create another plan that takes all the concerns from those in the area and tries to fix them.

Sprouse said when this plan is done, they will hold another public hearing meeting for everyone to see another option.