Disc Golf With The Fayetteville Disc Golf Association, Fayetteville Chain Gang

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In this week’s Adventure Arkansas we have Brenden from Adventure Subaru as our guide through the Waxhaw course at Walker Park.

That’s the sought after sound when playing Disc Golf!

Getting an Ace is what keeps people coming back.

“I’ve probably thrown 50,000 disc golf shots and only made 10 or 12 of them, but what keeps you coming back is that one good shot that you get and then you get that and it’s that one feeling to keep you going through all of the bad shots till the next one,” said Zac Archuleta.

Disc Golf has the same rules and regulations as regular golf.

“Both courses are 18 holes a par at each course is 54 so they are all par 3’s it’s scored exactly like traditional golf,” said Brendan Zedlitz.

And these courses are closer than you think.

“We’ve got two main courses here in Fayetteville Northshore Disc Golf which is over at Lake Fayetteville the north side of it, and then Waxhaws disc golf course which just opened last year here at Walker Park.,” said Zedlitz.

And it’s a growing sport.

“Over the last like 15 years there has been an increase from four courses in 2002 to hundreds, so it’s a super big growing sport,” said Zack Asbury.

With its growth means you can play anywhere in the country.

“I travel a lot you know so any town I got to and I need to kill some time I can play music and then on the side I  can play disc golf for free and travel around and see different spots around the world and the United States it’s pretty much my main hobby,” said Archuleta.

But the group does more than play.

“Being able to give back and have a good time with it is the best of both worlds; each year over $10,000 is raised,” said Asbury.

They were named #1 volunteer group.

“This is a much more active way for me to stay in shape as well as be a part of a community that helps out the local community of Fayetteville by doing a lot of volunteers work in the area,” said Zedlitz.

They do a lot of course building and maintenance themselves too.

“A lot of the people here that are part of the club help maintain the courses themselves, we are really active in keeping these courses alive and it doesn’t cost anything we take care of most of the courses  it’s kind of nice to be a part of that,” said Zedlitz.

The sport provides an outlet with friends and some good times.

“We do keep scores, but it’s not really about that it’s about meeting everyone once a week and hanging out,” said Archuleta.

“I mean look at us we are out here in the woods in the middle of town otherwise you probably wouldn’t know this is here to play some disc golf,” said Zedlitz.

For this week’s Adventure Arkansas, I’m Megan Graddy.

For more information about the Fayetteville Disc Golf Association, click here!

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