Rock Scavenger Hunt Game Takes Over Poteau

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POTEAU (KFSM)- A scavenger hunt involving decorated rocks is taking over the city of Poteau, bringing joy to everyone in the community.

Those in Poteau are taking everyday rock and turning them into something much more appealing.

"918 Rocks Poteau" started with a boy named Hunter who was sick and wanted to bring joy to those around him.

"He started rock hunting, rock painting and the game has trickled down to even little Poteau," Katie Hopper, art teacher and co-organizer said. "It just kind of exploded from there."

The game starts with a person finding a rock and painting it.

"We went out and I had no paint, so my mom got some old fingernail polish, so we painted those rocks with it," John Russell, participant said.

Then, the painter finds a spot around the city to hide the rock.

"I usually think about where the rock is going to look the best," Vivian Howerton, participant said.

Then after finding the perfect spot, you place the rock.

"Right after I hide it, I go on [my phone] and take a picture," Howerton said.

That picture then goes on social media with a clue.

"Then people find them and they can relocate them or keep them," Hopper said. "It's sort of like hide and seek or a treasure hunt."

More than 2,000 people are getting involved in Poteau and using their creativity to impress whoever find the rock.

"The point of this is to do something without a promise or guarantee of it coming back to you or knowing where it went, but knowing it gave enough joy to someone to want to keep it," Hopper said.

"You should do it," Russell said. "It gets you out, it gets you mobile. If you want to lose weight or exercise or just get your heart pumping, go out and find."

The organizers say if you want to start your own rock hunt in a city near you, it's as simple as starting a social media page and then painting and hiding.

For the clues on where to find a special rock in Poteau, visit the 918 Rock Poteau! Facebook page.