Vandergriff Elementary Students Paint Mural In Downtown Fayettteville

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) -- Vandergriff Elementary students are making their mark in the Fayetteville art community with a sunflower mural. Art teacher Contessa Shew said she and students hope the mural is able to turn your smile upside down.

"We have had nothing but joyful smiles down here while they've been creating and they feel like they are apart of something really big and special," Shew said.

Principal Andrea Sego said she believes the hand painted the mural symbolizes the growth she see's in her students everyday.

"You see smaller flowers and they get bigger and they continue to grow just like our students they come into us as Kindergarteners and they leave as fourth graders," Sego said. She has helped supervise students during the three day project.

More than 100 families came out to add layers to the mural, which reminded Sego of how much the Vandergriff community comes together even in tough times.

"We pull together in all kinds of trying times with our staff and students and our families... the sunflowers are just a test to how flowers grow and to just how beautiful they are," said Sego

Steve Clark, president of the Fayetteville chamber of commerce was proud to help the project off the ground and thinks it's an honor to have the mural painted on the chambers wall.

"This will also be a reminder that these sunflower are reaching for the sun, that's what our people do and our young students do and others. So we love it and are thrilled to be apart." said Clark.

The mural is located on the lower deck of the town center parking deck on west mountain street, just off the Fayetteville square.