Adenture Arkansas – Fayetteville Bike Polo Club

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“It’s hardcore bike polo,” said Mike Brewer, founder of Fayetteville Bike Polo Club.

Fayetteville Bike Polo started its club two years ago and they are only one of three in Arkansas.

They recently played in a tournament and did well for a new club.

“We placed third out of 11 teams that traveled from all over.. Houston, Michigan, Oklahoma, Missouri,” said Brewer.

So well they were the top ranking in Arkansas.

“Yeah we beat all of the other Arkansas teams so we love to hear that,” said Brewer.

And the girl power has a strong presence too!

“We have a pretty inclusive community too though, it’s really got a push for co-ed,” said Brewer.

“We’ve had a lot of women which is awesome, we want to grow the women’s side of the sport and we want to be a safe space and build that diversity around our community,” said Rob Moore, Co-Founder of Fayetteville Bike Polo Club.

There is a good mix of experience levels in the club too.

“We always have a great group of guys who are some expert level some beginner level and we always have new comers every day every week every session,” said Athen Brandon, Member and Rookie of the Fayetteville Bike Polo Club.

No prior experience is necessary.

“It’s not that difficult you don’t need a ton of coordination, what’s nice about having a really small club is that it’s really accessible so you can show up having never played knowing nobody and you pretty much just kind of walk into the family,” said Moore.

“But kind of the rule here is encouragement and inclusivity and just everyone trying to get better which is something I’ve never experienced before in any other sport,” said Brandon.

And they want people to know the sport is available in NWA.

“It’s just new it’s fresh and everyone that sees it thinks that we invented it, which we didn’t but we will take credit when we can, we are trying to make it grow trying to get people out here and have fun,” said Brewer.

“More people means, more people playing, means expanding the sport and just making more friends,” said Moore.

“We are trying to get everyone familiar with it while we are trying to learn it and about it at the same time so it’s just a really fun adventure along the way,” said Brandon.

“Anyone can show up and hop on someones bike and be tossed a mallet and make some friends,” said Moore.

But fair warning, once you start there is no stopping!

“This sport is super addictive because you are always learning you are always being supported by everyone else with all of your teammates around you and it’s just I don’t know, it’s just coming to hang out with your friends,” said Brandon.

“It’s nice to say Wednesday nights I’m going to go play bike polo,” said Moore.

For this week’s Adventure Arkansas, I’m Megan Graddy!

For more information about the Fayetteville Bike Polo Club, click here!

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