Greenwood Police Department Purchases New Mobile Command Unit

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GREENWOOD (KFSM) - Officers at a local police department have a new tool to use out in the field during emergency situations.

The new mobile command unit sits in the parking lot of the Greenwood Police Department.

The 28-foot trailer will help officers when they're out on duty, but it can also be used at fun events. The unit comes equipped with a laptop to display maps on an exterior big screen television, which is also great for public events because officers can hook up Xbox for the kids.

The police department purchased the mobile unit at the beginning of this month from drug seizure money. It made its debut during Freedom Fest on the Fourth of July.

The unit is going to be used in different situations where officers can't operate of the police department. For example - it can be used while searching for a missing person, while performing a search warrant, or during an active shooter situation. This tool will act as their command post where all agencies can come and meet in one spot and figure out a plan.

"The head of agencies will come together to organize a plan and the best action to take for whatever situation arises," said Greenwood Police Chief Will Dawson. "We can get our Polaris in the back to utilize if it's a long stay."

The unit can fit up to 10 people on the inside. Dawson said he hopes to get a radio hooked up and also an antenna so they can get better reception before they put it to use.