Centerton Votes To Renew One Percent Sales Tax In Special Election

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CENTERTON (KFSM) -- Residents in Centerton voted to renew a one percent sales tax in a special election on Tuesday (Sept. 12).

The bonds were approved in 2005, but a growing population and large sales tax revenue has allowed the city to pay off the tax at a rapid rate, said Centerton Mayor Bill Edwards.

According to a document from the city, the city will utilize the bonds in four areas:

  • Street Improvement
  • Park and Recreation Improvement
  • City Facilities, Police and Fire
  • Refunding

Residents voted 150 for and 40 against for the street improvement bond and tax, and 146 for and 43 against the parks and recreational improvement. The vote for the fire department facilities bonds and tax was 150 for and 39 against, and police department facilities was 143 for and 46 against. The city facilities vote was 132 for and 58 against. The refunding bonds and tax vote was 145 for and 44 against.

The current one percent tax in effect has about 6 to 8 years before it expires, but now that the renewal is approved the tax would extend 30 years, said Mayor Edward.

The current sales tax is 9.5 percent.