Benton County Residents Left With Bags Of Trash

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BENTON COUNTY (KFSM)-- Nearly 1,000 residents throughout Benton County were left without trash pickup when the company they were using just stopped picking it up.

Wendy Bland, the director for the Benton County Solid Waste District, said last week they started to receive frantic phone calls from people who had not had their trash picked up by Southwest Sanitation in weeks.

“So citizens are frustrated, they can’t get ahold of the company," Bland said. "They’re frustrated so they are really looking for assistance trying to get someone to come pick their trash up.”

Bland also tried calling the company and learned that it was going through some personal troubles.

They are now stepping in to help those left with their unwanted garbage.

Bland said they have been working to inform all residents about the different service options available to them.

Some are even eligible for financial help if they have prepaid for service.

“What we’re able to do is help them for right now," Bland said. "Thirty days and our board is going to consider a longer extension on that at our meeting tomorrow to try and be able to cover a few more months and not just one month. But for sure we can help them with service for that one month with a new company.”

Those who need to get rid of trash immediately can go to one of the transfer stations located in the county.

There are stations located in Bethel Heights, Siloam Springs and Bella Vista.

The landfill in Tontitown is another option available to residents.

One family in Pea Ridge said they used Southwest Sanitation for four years.

However, they said they had issues with the company most of that time.

They said their trash has not been picked up in a few days and they were having to place bags in the bed of their pickup truck.

For those in need of assistance with their trash service, Bland said you can call the Benton County Solid Waste District at (479)795-0751.