Adventure Arkansas: Arkansas Helicopter Tour of NWA

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Hey guys Megan Graddy here for this week’s Adventure Arkansas today we are with Arkansas Helicopter and they are taking us on a helicopter tour of NWA!

Once air traffic control cleared us for takeoff, we were airborne…

And for me… this was my first helicopter ride!

Camron McAhren tells us how he brought his dream to life.

“I never dreamed 15 years ago me just wanting to learn how to fly would have turned into something like this you know we operate two helicopters now and we actually operate fixed wing aircraft, and we do a lot of helicopter rides and it’s just an amazing adventure,” said McAhren.

Arkansas Helicopter is open year round too.

“We did over 3,500 helicopter last year, go see the University of Arkansas, Crystal Bridges, go fly around Beaver Lake it’s an adventure and it’s an experience you’ll just never forget and if you’re a Razorback fan there is nothing like flying in this helicopter and going over Razorback Stadium,”  said McAhren.

And the Arkansas Helicopter crew is passionate about what they do!

“But I think the most gratifying thing is when you get a customer here and they see the helicopter getting fired up and they are sitting in that seat and by the time that they take their flight and they get off the helicopter just the smiles, especially on the little kids face… dads with their son, or moms with their daughter and vice versa and they get to come out here and experience something together that’s going to be memorable  that’s what keeps us all going when it comes to the helicopter tours and stuff like that,” said McAhren

Scared of heights? Never fear the trained pilots will give you a safe and exciting ride.

“You’re seat belted in you know it’s a very very very smooth ride helicopters take off and land real smooth, it’s like flying on a magic carpet, what better way than to have an adventure than fly in a helicopter around NWA,” said McAhren.

At Arkansas Helicopter they have an appropriate motto for their business.

“Your Sky, Your tour, Your Adventure,” said McAhren.

For this week’s Adventure Arkansas, I’m Megan Graddy.

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