Sunday Alcohol Sales Begin In Avoca

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AVOCA (KFSM) -- Sunday (July 30) marked the first time that people were able to purchase alcohol in Avoca.

This thanks to the efforts of the two sisters who own Two Sisterz Liquor.

Co-owner Stacey Latham said they were excited to see the reality of their work.

In a special election on July 11, voters agreed to allow for Sunday alcohol sales in town.

One customer said something like this should have happened sooner.

“It’s kind of time to come forward," Shannon Jones said. "They shouldn’t have had to put their own money up for a special election. Benton County has grown, we need to accept that. I hate to see some of the old timers upset about the blue laws disappearing but we have to evolve.”

Before Sunday, Jones would have to travel at least 30 miles to buy alcohol.

She is thankful for the effort put in by Latham and her sister.

Latham said they have their regulars that come by but a good amount of their customers are people headed to the lake3.

She wasn't sure who they would see Sunday but they were hopeful it would be a good amount of people.

As of about 6:30 that afternoon, Two Sisterz Liquor made about 275 sales on their first Sunday.

Jordan Flores was headed to the lake with her family when the stopped by the store.

She is from out of state and said they had to really search for a place just to buy some beer.

“We were actually stunned that you guys were closed on Sundays," Flores said. "But this was a dry county and now that there are liquor stores, that’s amazing and having it on Sundays we had to do a little shopping. But we found a place and we actually traveled twenty minutes to get here.”

Latham was pleased to see so many people stop by Sunday.

She said they saw more new faces then than they had any other day.

Latham is just excited to know that money will stay

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