Bedford Camera & Video Gives Camera Tips For Kutest Kidz Contest

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Hey guys Megan Graddy  we're at the Rogers location of Bedford Camera & Video where they gave us tips and tricks for the Kutest Kids Contest!

“The contest name is Kutest  Kidz but it is a photography contest so they things that we are looking for is good composition you know storytelling, something interesting in the picture, so having a good photograph is definitely going to help if you are wanting to win that grand prize,” said Sean Kaiser, District Manager of Bedford Camera & Video of NWA.

Sean has three children of his own and has some tips for photographing children.

“When they were younger a lot of time what we would do is grab our smart phone and not use it to take pictures with but play something there on the smart phone and play something entertaining, you know or maybe a stuffed animal to get their attention that way,” said Kaiser.

“But if you are just getting started and not quite sure what to put the settings on having it on  one of the auto modes, either portrait or sports will be good for photographing kids,” said Kaiser.

“You know you want something that is going to be good lighting, if you can shoot in the shade or indoors that’s going to be good,” said Kaiser.

If you want to enter to win, here are the rules.

“3 ½ X 5 is the smallest size , 4X6, and 5X7, is going to be that largest size,” said Kaiser.

“Make sure you have all of the information on the back which should include your name, address, phone number, on the back of the photo and it might be a good idea to write that information down on a piece of tape and then adhere that to the back,” said Kaiser.

“People have from now until August 5th to get their pictures entered, from there it will go to online voting for the top 20, and then the top 5 will be announced  Friday August 18th,” said Kaiser.

And the grand prize…

“Is a canon T6i two lenses kit which will include the 18-55 lenses and a 75-300 as well as all of the accessories you would need to get started taking pictures including a memory card, a tripod, a bag, 200 free 4X6 prints from Bedford Camera, as well as a free training on that camera package,” said Kaiser.

But it doesn’t stop there…

“2nd Place is going to receive a $200 gift card to Bedford Camera & Video and 3rd- 5th place will receive 200 free 4X6 prints with one of our free  paid digital cards which is a $40 value,” said Kaiser.

With 5NEWS, I’m Megan Graddy.

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