Local Police Act On Possible Carbon Monoxide Issues In Ford Explorers

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VAN BUREN (KFSM) -- An entire police fleet of Ford Explorers have been taken off the road in Austin, Texas after two more police officers were found with carbon monoxide in their blood, bringing the total to 20.

Federal regulators have expanded their investigation into reports that exhaust fumes were leaking into the passenger cabins.

With those investigations underway, police departments here at home are considering their own options.

"It definitely makes us worry about our fellow officers," said detective Jonathan Wear of the Van Buren Police Department.

The Van Buren Police Department is installing carbon monoxide testers inside their vehicles -- just like the ones you'd find in your every day home.

"Even though we haven't had any issues reported here, there's always a possibility that carbon monoxide can cause issues," he explained.

Van Buren isn't the only police department having to react to that possibility. The Springdale Police Department also plans to install carbon monoxide detectors.

"Right now, we're trying to determine what is the plan for the future," said Wear.

As Van Buren Police Department considers its future plans, other stations might be, too. Most say if a recall is issued, they will follow the proper procedure.

Along with the Van Buren and Springdale Police Departments -- Crawford County, Benton County, LeFlore County, and the University of Arkansas Police Departments all use Ford Explorers.

An estimated 1.3 million of the vehicles -- model years 2011 to 2017 -- could be affected.

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