Fayetteville Woman Allegedly Tried To Steal Purse From Car After Victim Refused To Give Her Money

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) —  A Fayetteville woman is behind bars after she allegedly tried to steal another woman’s purse after the woman refused to give her money.

Fayetteville police were dispatched to the Murphy USA gas station on MLK Boulevard around 8:30 a.m. on Monday (July 31) after a woman reported the would-be theft, according to arrest documents.

She said the suspect, later identified as Aulexis Pippen, 22, came up to her asking for money. The woman told officers that she told Pippen no and expected her to walk away. However, Pippen walked over to her car, where the woman’s adult son was sitting inside the vehicle.

The document states that Pippen opened the driver’s side door to ask the son for money and when he refused, she grabbed the woman’s purse. The son also grabbed his mom’s purse and was able to keep Pippen from taking it.

Officers later found a woman who matched the suspect description from the victim and questioned her.

Pippen told officers that she had smoked weed and drank alcohol before leaving home that day. She said she runs track, so she decided to try to run it off by going to Walmart.

She told police that she thought the victim’s car belonged to her friend, and that she was going to pick up her friend’s purse from the front seat. When she saw the man, she said she realized she had the wrong car, but she thought it was still her friend’s purse so she tried to take it and return it to her.

She is facing charges of loitering and breaking or entering, and she is being held in the Washington County Detention Center on a $1,500 bond.