Adventure Arkansas: Ozark Highlands Trail Maintenance

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In this week’s Adventure Arkansas, Megan Graddy met with Steven Parker the Maintenance Coordinator for the Ozark Highlands Trail Association. The group is looking to add some new members to their volunteer trail maintenance program, here is how you can help.

The trail stretches for over 200 miles throughout the state, so it takes a diligent crew to keep the trails cleared for everyone to enjoy.  “If we don’t have people doing maintenance the trail will disappear, we just ask people to go out at least twice a year, walk their section of trail, lopper back any vegetation that’s growing into it, move limbs out of the way, and report any biggest issues.” says Parker.

On September 22-24th there will be a White Rock Base Camp which is a maintenance event to help train and educate volunteers in the program or other who want to join. Right now they do have sections of trail available over on the Buffalo River that needs volunteers. For more information on the maintenance sections fo the Ozark Highlands Trail, head over to their site here:

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