Cave Springs Official Sanctioned By State Ethics Commission

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) — The Cave Springs Recorder-Treasurer was sanctioned July 21 by the Arkansas Ethics Commission for receiving $500 through a GoFundMe account to assist with potential legal fees, according to commission documents.

Kim Hutcheson will be fined $50 and received a public letter of caution for violating a state law that bars public servants from accepting income or benefits outside of their office and failing to report the money on her statement of financial interest.

The commission also notified the original complainant, Jay T. Finch, a former Benton County Circuit Judge and Cave Springs alderman. George Rozzell, Hutcheson’s attorney, was notified as well.

Finch said Friday (Aug. 4) he thought the punishment was appropriate, adding that Hutcheson finally has a “consequence for her behavior.”

Rozzell didn’t return a message Friday seeking comment.

In January, Cave Springs Mayor Travis Lee asked Nathan Smith, Benton County prosecutor, to investigate Hutcheson.

Lee accused Hutcheson of blocking city employees’ access to City Hall and city software programs.

He said Hutcheson wasn’t authorized to do that and her actions cost the city several thousand dollars.