Garrett’s Blog: Weekend Forecast; Hour-By-Hour

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Rain is likely this weekend but it won't be a total washout for all of us.

The best chance for rain on Saturday will be from 7am-10am.

Sunday should start off with showers that last most of the day.

Here's how it looks hour-by-hour...

7AM SATURDAY: As the warm front moves north, there could be a few showers or even scattered thunderstorms early in the day but the best chance will be to our north in Kansas.

NOON SATURDAY: Partly cloudy and warmer with highs in the mid 80s to near 90º.

6PM SATURDAY: Breezy dry and warm. Rain developing in Wichita will eventually form a complex that gets into our area on Sunday.

SUNDAY 7AM: Showers and thunderstorms will the complex should be in the area by this time. There is a minimal risk of severe weather with damaging winds being the main threat.

SUNDAY NOON: Scattered areas of rain will continue along the front as it stalls out in Arkansas with rain likely for most of us.

We'll also have much lower temperatures due to the clouds and the rain.

This first round of rain should give us around 1-2" of rain by Monday night.

Additional rain is likely during the week with accumulated totals by Friday in the 2-4" range.