Sex Offender Arrested For Sex Trafficking By Fayetteville PD

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) — Fayetteville police arrested an Alma man for human trafficking and commercial sex acts Friday (August 4).

Police were called to Millsap Road on July 25 for a harassment complaint and found a woman who said she needed to “escape her pimp,” according to a preliminary arrest report.

The woman said Lee Hall kidnapped her from Little Rock and forced her into prostitution in Northwest Arkansas. She said Hall and another prostitute would watch her so she couldn’t escape.

The woman said Hall had beaten her roughly 20 times and also raped her, according to the report.

Police later found text messages from Hall to the woman that outlined how transactions with customers should proceed. They also found messages where the woman had to ask permission for hygiene products.

Hall, 44, was being held without bond Friday (Aug. 4) at the Washington County Detention Center.

Hall is listed as a Level 3 registered sex offender in Crawford County.

A Level 3, of 4 Levels, is an offender who is considered to pose a high risk to the community, according to the Crawford County Sheriff’s Department (CCSD).  Overall, there are 21 registered sex offenders, including Hall,  in Alma and all are male, according to CCSD.

The Arkansas Crime Information Center states that Hall was placed on the Alma sex offender registry for an offense of “statutory sexual seduction.”

Lee is listed as “non-compliant” with Nevada’s Sex Offender Registry where he is listed at a Tier 2, moderate risk, offender.  Five years ago Hall was arrested by Las Vegas police for statutory sexual seduction and attempted pandering of a child.