Flavors: Fayetteville Farmers’ Market

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The Fayetteville Farmer’s Market has been providing local produce and products to the community since 1973 with a 4 county radius of farmers…

“We want it to be locally grown and there is such a clamor to get into the market it’s nice to have some geographical boundaries; and that was put in place since the founding documents of the market in 1974,” said Mark Cain.

And this market is unique because…

“It’s all grown by the people who are selling the product,” said Mark Cain.

Most vendors depend on this market to make a living…

“People ask us if we have a retail business and we say, 'this is it this is our business, it’s the Fayetteville Farmer’s Market,'" said Cain.

“Yeah, the amount of work that goes into food production is just astronomical and it’s good to be able to talk directly to the customers and make them understand how much works goes into bringing these things to market,” said Ira White.

Marquita Den Herder has been with the market for 11 years and her food only travels...

“About 16 miles."

Her favorite part is providing a variety of options from her farm…

“We like offering fresh health produce things that are picked and have been harvested the day before, it feels really good to be able to do that and knowing that we can help promote local healthy foods,” said Den Herder.

Judy Kavan has seen the market flourish…

“I’ve been at this market for 15 years, said Kavan. When I first came it was around three sides of the market and now it’s around all four sides --  on both sides of the market."

And the crafts are just as remarkable.

“We have these pine needle baskets that the lady makes herself and has been doing that since 1973 for the Farmer’s Market,” said Chuck Rutherford.

The market serenaded all of your senses… Your taste and smell with the cooking demos featuring Ozark Natural Foods and The Farmer’s Table Café... your sight with an array of options on a produce and craft level… touch the products first hand… sounds… from our local bands… and your hearts by receiving something grown and cared for from your local farmers.

“It’s our extended family, we are a family with the vendors here, we are a community of friends and fellow farmers,” said Den Herder.

“Well I think we are kind of a big family, when one of us do well we all do well,” said Kavan.

“It’s just this huge support group to be able to share ideas, if you have trouble they are always there to help you out,” said White.

“Without the community being here and supporting us we wouldn’t be here either,” said Kavan

“Thank you to all of the people who come out and support farmers week after week!” said Ira White

“We love you!” said Mark Cain.

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