Leflore County Investigators Estimate Half-Million Dollars Worth Of Meth Taken Off Streets

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PANAMA (KFSM) -- Leflore County investigators said they received an anonymous tip on Tuesday (Aug. 8) about a delivery of methamphetamine that lead them to a home in Panama.

Investigators said through an investigation and once a search warrant was obtained, they found police scanners inside of the home that were tuned to the radio frequency of the Leflore County Sheriff's Department.

Outside of the home, investigators said they found methamphetamine buried in the backyard.

"It's definitely the largest meth bust that I know of in Panama and I've been here 15 years," Panama Police Chief John Whitaker said. "It has a street value of approximately $500,000. I would say we put a pretty good dent in meth for the time being in the north end of the county."

Jeremiah Jones and Deana Oakes were arrested during the bust.

The Panama Police Department, Shady Point Police Department, Leflore County Sheriff's Department, Poteau Police Narcotics Unit, District 16 Drug Task ForceĀ  and the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics worked together on the case. It's a partnership investigators said will continue to help combat drugs in Leflore County.

"A lot of people realize the 780 and 781 Bill that just passed for Oklahoma, which makes it a misdemeanor, 19 grams or less and with us all working together," Kendall Morgan with the Leflore County Sheriff's Department said. "That's what I want the drug dealers to know. Just because it's a misdemeanor at 19 grams or less we are not going to give up."