Rogers Renames Haxton and Southgate Road

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ROGERS (KFSM) -- Southgate and Haxton road will no longer exist, the two are being renamed to Pleasant Grove Road.

"We want to pick a more consistent name as opposed to having the same road while you drive down it," Rogers Fire Chief Tom Jenkins. He said he is hopeful the new change will help emergency teams cut down on their response times in that area.

"It can be confusing and sometimes cause a public safety issue for people who just aren't familiar with it and that can translate into delays in dispatch not sending the appropriate resources," Jenkins said.

Reducing response times is vital for emergency services and one Rogers resident said changing her new address is a small price to pay for security.

Saylor Bailey is new to the area and is aware her new address may change again due to the roads new name. "I don't have children, but I have three dogs that are like my children and obviously if something were to happen in my home I need them to be here ASAP," she said.

Residents can expect to see the change complete within the next six weeks.