Homeowners Upset About City’s Annexation Plan

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ROGERS (KFSM)-- The city of Rogers announced two new ordinances that call for a special election to annex land east and west of Highway 112.

Many who live west of 112 said they do not want this to happen.

They said they live out in the county for a reason.

Even though the city announced their plans, the city council still has to pass the ordinances.

If that happens, then those homeowners and the current residents of Rogers will have their chance to vote on the matter on Nov. 14.

Rogers Mayor Greg Hines said they have had some pieces of land that were voluntarily annexed.

They now have to get city services to those areas.

He said they are having to piecemeal things to various properties in the area and that this is not the best way to do it.

"It really doesn't make sense for us to keep going down that path because every one of those projects is a new lift station," Hines said. "When you're talking about gravity flow and all those things for sewer systems, it really makes more sense to plan to serve the whole area and not one portion at a time."

He continued to say that they have already received phone calls with misinformation about their plans.

Hines wanted to let everyone know the facts before the next city council meeting.

If the area is annexed, those that live there would have access to all of the city services.

That includes water, sewer and police and fire protection.

Property taxes would also increase 3.8 mils.

Hines said this land will help with city growth but current land will remain the way it is if the owner wants it that way.

"This area we talk about west of 112 is in the water service boundary area that`s already been established through the municipalities and other water providers," Hines said. "So we really just kind of drew lines around that and have said that`s kind of where Rogers can go to the west, that`s as far west as we`ll ever go. That`s where we can serve, we have the capacity to serve."

For those that have more questions, Hines said you can email cityservices@rogersar.gov.

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