Your Pets And The Solar Eclipse

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FORT SMITH (KFSM) - A few hot topics surrounding the solar eclipse include eye safety and camera tips, but what about your animals? Veterinarians say you may not see as many changes in your animals as you think.

"Most animals don't like to look at the sun on a normal day, so I don't expect them to be doing it on this day," Dr. Melanie Prewett, veterinarian said. "Most of your household pets, they're inside, so the biggest different for them is gonna be it's going to turn to nighttime."

Dr. Prewett said there are only a few pets who will react to the solar eclipse.

"For dogs and cats who have anxiety, with all the excitement, if there's people over to watch the eclipse, those are the things that we might have problems with," Dr. Prewett said.

As for other animals, their behavior may change just a little.

"If you have any farm animals, they may start heading to the barn," Dr. Prewett said. "You might notice that the mosquitoes start coming out or the birds start chirping. If you have any chickens or guinea hens, they might start roosting in a tree because those are the thing they're supposed to be doing when it starts to get dark."

While you can try to put the protective solar glasses on your furry friend, the vet said the best bet is to keep them inside with the blinds closed.

Dr. Prewett advises pet owners to consider getting their animal a Thunder Shirt, which is a compression tool to help comfort the dog, or contacting your veterinarian to get medication now, so you will have plenty of time to time your pet comfortable before the solar eclipse on Monday (Aug. 21).

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