Clarksville Restaurant Teaches Job and Life Skills To Disabled

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CLARKSVILLE (KFSM)- A unique restaurant in Clarksville is teaching job and life skills to disabled adults while also giving customers a special experience with each visit.

The Falcon's Nest looks like the average restaurant, but its workers are far more than average.

"Dishwashing is what I like and cleaning tables," Jared Rohr, dishwasher said.

This eatery is part of the Forrester-Davis Development Center which helps adults with disabilities with vocational training and other life skills needed to live a more independent life. Clients perform jobs such as wait tables, dish washing, cooking and meal prep.

"I mostly do dishwashing," Brandon Norton said. "When I first started out, I started doing cooking and prepping. Now, I just do prep and dishwashing."

While there's a lot of work going on at the restaurant, it's not just the workers who are gaining something special.

"It's just an amazing place," Brett Wood, customer said. "What MAC industries is doing for their clients and offering these life skills and experiences is just amazing. To get to come and support the community in thing that they're trying to do, why wouldn't you come here?"

Doing just that, bringing the community together to share the experience is a top priority for the center.

"In a small rural base as we are, there's not many job opportunities for adults when it's time to launch," Joy Wilson, director said. "This is one of the ways we can teach them in a protected environment and bring our community in to see and be a part of us."

So at the end of the day, everyone learns and everyone leaves happy.

"I'm helping other people and helping myself," Kallie Muldoon, waitress said.

"I feel happy and comfortable," Rohr said.

The Falcon's Nest is open Monday-Friday from 11:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m. and open to the public. The restaurant is located at 400 Oak Court in Clarksville, AR.

Forrester-Davis Development Center and MAC Industries work closely together to provide vocational training for clients including screen printing, production and assembly, line work and tools to live independently.

For more information about the development center or the restaurant, visit Forrester Davis' website.

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